When our library was renovated 25 years ago, we lived in a different world. Internet was on dial-up, music was on CDs, and the library was a book repository. Life has evolved, and so have our libraries. Renovating the Gleason will provide flexible spaces for the whole community: space for events, exhibits, meetings, quiet work and enjoyment, accessible for everyone.

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CPA Grant Approved

Warrant Article 8 at Carlisle’s Fall Special Town Meeting was approved for $767,000 of Community Preservation Act Funds towards the interior rehabilitation and renovation project. The requested CPA funds are 1/3 of the projected renovation cost and will require $2 from private fundraising to match each $1 of CPA funding.

Capital Campaign

We are over 3/4 of the way to our campaign goal of $2.3M. Any donation is greatly appreciated. Donations over $5,000 will be recognized in a plaque at the library.

Partner: $5,000+
Pillar: $10,000+
Curator’s Circle: $25,000+
Director’s Circle: $50,000+
Trustees’ Circle: $100,000+
Benefactor: $500,000+

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