The Gleason Public Library, like public libraries across the country, is grappling with the changing nature of libraries. Physical collections are shrinking while digital collections grow; seniors are looking for a gathering place, adults are looking for co-working space, teens are looking for a virtual hang out space, and kids remain a constant and engaged group as we teach early literacy skills and a lifelong love of reading. With a major renovation completed over 20 years ago, before smartphones, tablets, e-readers, or streaming, the time has come for the staff and community to look at how we use one of the library’s best assets: the building.

With a long-term focus on our community members, the library trustees, Friends, director, and staff, together with town administrators and consultants considered what a new library space might look like if it were designed to maximize the circulation of ideas and in-person communication instead of books and other media. This renovation will create more discussion areas for small groups, an energizing new space for teens, modern conference rooms, and even a space for remote work.

Click here to read more about the project and share your feedback. Your voice is an important part of the process of designing a library for everyone in the community.

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