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The mission of the Gleason Public Library is to be an integral part of the Carlisle community by offering a wide variety of popular and reference materials in various formats to meet the recreational, informational, educational and cultural needs of Carlisle’s citizens. In addition to encouraging life-long learning for members of the community, the library serves as a supplemental resource for students of all ages and as a resource for community information. As the Board of Trustees adopts policies, they will be made available at this location.

WEATHER CLOSING POLICY (revised September 2017)

In case of inclement weather, the Gleason Public Library will have a delayed opening of noon, if the Carlisle Public Schools are closed. Should the weather continue to be hazardous, the library will post its hours of operation on the Gleason Public Library homepage.


Art at the Gleason Policy and Contract, adopted May 12, 2014.

Checkout Policy, effective February 16, 2016 (Proxy Form)

Collection Development Policy, adopted May 4, 2006, amended April 20, 2011, and Statement of Concern form (pdf), adopted April 29, 2010.

Display of Community Information, adopted June 7, 2000, amended April 21, 2011.

Donations & Gifts Policy, adopted March 8, 2000; Recognition Policy adopted November 10, 2016.

Gleason Public Library Expectations, adopted September 9, 2004, revised December 8, 2017 (PDF download).

Internet Use Policy, adopted May 12, 2005, and updated May 10, 2012.

Privacy Policy, adopted November 7, 2003 (Patriot Act)

Reciprocal Borrowing Policy, adopted November 4, 2003

Meeting Room Policy, updated January 19, 2018, and Hollis Room Agreement (pdf)

Recognition Policy, adopted November 10, 2016.

Social Media Policy, adopted April 3, 2012.

Special Collections Policy, adopted June 17, 2005; revised August 31, 2018

Unattended Children, adopted November 18, 2004; revised August 24, 2017

Volunteer Policy, adopted February 14, 2013

Wireless Policy - see Internet Use Policy.

See Circulation Policies for information on library cards, circulation periods, fines, etc.


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