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The Trustees of the Endowment are: Library Trustees, the Library Director, and the President of the Friends. They oversee a 501(c)(3) charitable trust that provides a capital base for non-operating expenses to the Library that the Town does not furnish out of its budget. The Trustees of the Endowment currently manage a fund of $210,000, no more than half of which may be spent. A healthy Endowment guarantees that the library can continue to provide the facility and the services to supply the needs of Carlisle’s future. Your contribution helps make all that happens and ensures a library we can all be proud of.

Our goal: to increase our disposable amount to $500,000:

A sum approximately equal to the price of two acres of land in Carlisle.

Six Simple Ways to Leave a Lasting Legacy to the Gleason Public Library:

  1. Set aside a gift in your will to be distributed to the Gleason Public Library Endowment.
  2. Name the Gleason Public Library Endowment as a beneficiary of either a new or an existing life insurance policy.
  3. Remember your friends and loved ones with a memorial gift to the Gleason Public Library Endowment in their honor.
  4. Name the Gleason Public Library Endowment as the beneficiary of your pension plan or IRA.
  5. Establish an annuity with your gift to the Gleason Public Library Endowment.
  6. Discuss with your financial advisor the tax advantages you can enjoy now or later by leaving a charitable legacy.

The Gleason Public Library is a tax-exempt charitable entity.


The Gleason Public Library Endowment is a 501(c)(3) charitable trust. Charitable donations to the Endowment are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

The endowment cannot legally provide estate planning or tax advice. You should discuss planned charitable giving with your attorney, estate planner, and/or financial advisor.

Please let the Gleason Library Director know in advance if you are considering a donation of property or a donation of assets other than cash as part of your estate. All such gifts are subject to acceptance by the Endowment Trustees.

Thank you for expressing an interest in giving to the Gleason Public Library Endowment. Your support makes a difference.

-- The Endowment Trustees



The GPL Endowment loves cash because of its unrestricted flexibility. Tax deductible cash donations can be made by making a check or money order payable to:

Gleason Public Library Endowment
and by mailing it to:
GPL Endowment
22 Bedford Rd.
Carlisle, MA 01741

To donate to the Endowment by credit card online, click the Paypal logo below:


You may own stock(s) that has appreciated significantly over time. If you sell it, you may have to pay considerable capital gains tax on the growth in value. By making a charitable donation of appreciated stock to the GPL Endowment, you may be able to avoid paying a capital gains tax and you can take a charitable tax deduction for the full appreciated value of the donated stock. The GPL Endowment in turn can sell the stock it receives without paying capital gains taxes.

Your broker may be able to electronically donate (transfer ownership) of your charitable stock gift directly to the Endowment. Call or talk to the Gleason Library Director if you need further information about a transfer.


You may benefit most by first selling the stock and taking a capital loss deduction. By then donating the cash proceeds of the sale to the Endowment you can take a charitable income tax deduction as well.


A charitable bequest through your will is an easy way to gift the Gleason Public Library Endowment. Just name the Endowment as a cash beneficiary of your will, either for a specific dollar amount, for a percentage of your estate, or as a residual bequest which gifts the remainder of your estate after all other bequests have been met.

You incur no current costs and you retain full use of your assets during your lifetime. Since bequests through your will are revocable, you can change them at any time during your lifetime. For the Endowment, this is the equivalent of a direct unrestricted cash contribution.

Discuss this approach with your attorney. The Gleason Library Director can provide specific information about the GPL Endowment Trust to your attorney.


Let your next of kin know that upon your death, it is your desire to have family and friends make charitable donations in your memory to the GPL Endowment. The Gleason Library Director can provide your family with the appropriate wording to include in a death notice or obituary.


Naming the GPL Endowment as a beneficiary of your life insurance, bank account, CD, pension or other retirement account, or of a living revocable trust is as simple as executing a written designation. Some of these designations to a charity may have tax advantages for your estate.

If you have a primary beneficiary, such as a spouse, you can still name the GPL Endowment as a secondary or contingent beneficiary in the event your spouse does not survive you.

Beneficiary designations are very safe because they are revocable and can be changed as your needs and intentions change.


There are many kinds of retirement plans that can provide a steady source of income during your remaining lifetime in conjunction with a charitable tax deductible donation. These can include “charitable gift annuities”, “charitable remainder trusts”, “charitable advance trusts”, and other variations. These retirement plans require careful planning with your financial advisor.

Please be aware that life income gifts are popular choices with large charitable institutions such as universities and hospitals that have substantial assets available to them, in addition to your charitable gift, to back up obligations to provide lifetime income streams. The GPL Endowment has no assets other than its current cash and investments. The assets of the Gleason Public Library, including its property building and content, are owned by the Town of Carlisle, not by the Gleason Public Library Endowment.


To donate to the Endowment by credit card online, click the Paypal logo below: