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The Gleason Public Library is a public forum for ideas and information. Access to ideas and information is fundamental to our social, political and cultural heritage, and complements the Gleason Library's mission of providing access to a wide range of information and viewpoints.


The two bulletin boards in the Library’s east and west vestibules are available for display of community information. This space is available, at the discretion of the Library Director, to non-profit organizations engaged in intellectual, charitable, civic, cultural, educational and/or recreational activities. The primary purpose of the display must be to inform the public of the organization's programs, services and events.

These bulletin boards may NOT be used by individuals seeking political office, or for-profit groups/companies/organizations, or individuals. Commercial advertising, solicitations and business cards may not be posted.

Preference is given to Carlisle, then other local organizations and events.

The display of materials at the Library does not imply support, sponsorship, or endorsement by the Library.


1. Public posters, pamphlets and flyers will be displayed as space permits on a first-come, first-served basis on Library bulletin boards. Multiple copies of registration forms for Town-sponsored activities will be accommodated as space permits.

2. Materials submitted cannot exceed 11" by 17" except by special permission of the Library Director. Smaller sizes are preferred and are more likely to be displayed due to space limitations. No more than two items will be posted per event or function.

3. Any materials submitted that (a) would tend to incite or produce imminent lawless action, (b) are obscene, (c) are obviously false or contain misleading information, (d) are defamatory, (e) or are purely commercial advertising will not be posted.

4. Potential items for display should be given to staff at the Reference Desk for approval; contact person's name and telephone number should accompany item.

5. Items will be stamped with a “take-down” date; any items not stamped will be removed from the display space.


Questions or concerns can be brought to the attention of the Director. The Director will review the materials according to the policy. If there are any remaining concerns, they may be brought to the attention of the Board of Library Trustees.


Bulletin board


Adopted by the Board of Library Trustees, June 7, 2000, Amended April 21, 2011