The Gleason Public Library began the 2021-25 Strategic Planning process in early 2019. Deb Hoadley of Hoadley Consulting led four meetings in April and May 2019, one with staff and three with a committee of community representatives, including representatives from the Board of Trustees and Friends of the Library. At these meetings, the groups identified values, needs, and priorities.

Following the staff meeting and first two community meetings, Hoadley and library staff developed a survey to gather feedback on current library services, to identify which library programs and services are most important to the Carlisle community, and to investigate barriers to using the library. The survey was open from May 10th through June 14th, 2019, and was advertised in the Carlisle Mosquito, on the library’s website and social media, in the library’s e-news, on the library’s lawn marquee, and through word of mouth. 301 people responded to the survey.

Based on the staff and community meetings and the results of the survey, a strategic plan for the library was prepared. After each meeting, the library director presented the committee’s findings to all library staff and trustees. Library staff and trustees reviewed the draft and proposed mission revisions, goals, priorities, and actions. The final plan was approved by the Library’s Board of Trustees on September 23, 2019, and submitted to the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners. Click here to download the full plan.

In the fall of each year, the library director will work with the library staff to develop an annual action plan based on the objectives and actions identified in this plan, the previous year’s achievements, and newly identified needs. Each annual action plan will be presented to the library trustees for approval and then submitted to the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.


Annual reports for the Library, published as part of the Town’s Annual Report.


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